Melanie Jackson

Photo of Melanie JacksonMelanie Jackson wore many hats in her life, but it was perhaps her role as a storyteller that she was most passionate about. For many years, she taught storytelling with Holland College’s Journalism & Communications program, before leaving in 2021 to pursue her passion for creative writing. Melanie served as the first project manager for Island Digital Voices, from 2021 to 2022. 

Melanie loved learning about the memories and moments that make up people’s lives, then turning those experiences into stories to share with others. She immediately recognized the potential of Island Digital Voices to connect Islanders from one end of the province to the other with personal stories. Melanie passed away in 2022 and is missed by all of us here on the Island Digital Voices Team. This project would not be what it is today without her hard work, professionalism and dedication to sharing the Island’s stories.