About Island Digital Voices

“We are committed to ensuring the artisans of tomorrow have the opportunities and supports they need to carry Island traditions into the future."

“It’s imperative we support these talents to ensure our culture is preserved and appreciated for generations to come.”  – Dennis King, Premier of P.E.I.

The Island Digital Voices project is an initiative of the Government of Prince Edward Island, founded in 2021, and is administered by the PEI Museum & Heritage Foundation.

The intent of the project includes two key elements:  

  • To encourage Islanders to record and share their oral and written histories  
  • To provide young storytellers the opportunity to practice their craft in a professional setting

Island Digital Voices aims to capture the stories of interesting, notable, and otherwise intriguing Islanders—so they can be shared with others and preserved as part of our province’s history.

The stories featured on this website were, for the most part, gathered and created by young and aspiring storytellers from Prince Edward Island. To learn more about our storytellers, visit our ‘Meet the Storytellers’ page.

Educators are welcome and encouraged to use these media pieces in their classrooms.

If you would like to suggest an Island ‘character’ to be profiled in future years of the Island Digital Voices project, please feel free to get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page.